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With a Pan African orientation, MCN Network is a media group whose mandate is providing topical information tailored for organisations in the mining and construction sectors. This is mainly through platforms such as niche publications both in digital and print, seminars (webinars) and virtual exhibitions in partnership with high profile strategic partners.

MCN Network’s current products are African Mining Brief and Construction Review for the Pan African mining and construction sectors respectively, as well as Masakheni, which is specifically tailored on and for the South African governments infrastructure developments. Through these products, MCN Network has perfectly positioned itself as a media company of first resort when it comes to the delivery of relevant and current information on the developments in the construction and mining industries on the African continent.

Distribution, both physically and digitally, through a network of associates globally located and through Africa, and a rich database of regularly updated readership ensures wide coverage of both our print and digital versions of publications. Most importantly, this ensures optimum exposure for our advertisers.
To keep abreast of the ‘New Normal’, prompted by COVID-19 pandemic, the group has been embracing changes in the media business model.


To become the number one source of information on the Construction and Mining industries in Africa.


To develop sustainable media opportunities for the interaction of the construction and mining industries in S.A and Africa by offering consistent value to stakeholders

Product Examples


African Mining Brief

Magazine cover

This is a quarterly magazine for the mining industry incorporating mining, quarrying, oil exploration and drilling; and other large scale extractive operations aimed at the discovery, extraction, storage, transport, sale and utilization of Africa’s mineral wealth and resources.

The magazine aspires to be the preferred and authoritative resource for the mining sector in Africa by featuring pertinent and topical issues of interest to the industry. This includes technological innovations, new mineral finds and legislation; as well as the economic, environmental, and developmental impact of mining on Africa’s economies. You can take advantage of various cost options for an advertisement which are listed in the Media-kit.

Given the forward and backward linkages of the mining sector, the entire supply chain of the industry, comprising suppliers and service providers constitute an integral part of the magazine’s coverage. Africa Mining Brief boasts of a targeted, well-researched and insightful editorial content that offers readers and advertisers a unique interactive forum to exchange information; identify, pursue, and close business deals; in addition to gaining favorable insight into the entire mining industry and public sector.

Africa Mining Brief is circulated in South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Ghana and Nigeria. Its readership includes all mining and quarrying operations, suppliers, service providers, and relevant government departments and regulatory authorities in the industry.

Construction Review Online

magazine coveris the leading journal on the building and construction industry in Africa.

The online portal Construction Review Magazine has a weekly audience of 50,000 users and 100,000 page-views which also makes it the leading online portal for the construction industry. The portal is rated as one of the 100,000 most popular websites in the world by You can take advantage of various cost options for an advertisement which are listed in the Media-kit.

Both products offer unmatched opportunities to reach the building and construction players in Africa for anyone wanting to make a mark in Africa


Masakheni Magazine coverThe world is faced with a myriad of challenges both on the economic and natural front. Government spending on public infrastructure development is seen, by many, as a panacea for economic turbulence. In a world of cynicism, Masakheni is an infrastructure and climate change magazine which shares news and updates of these developments...
At the same time, Masakheni asks questions of the authorities and what they are actively doing to mitigate the expected negative impact of climate change. In a globalised world, Masakheni's philosophy is it takes a village to solve the threats to our collective as a species.

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